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 O2Matic is a global provider of Affordable & Portable Medical Oxygen Solutions. Started in 2016, we have developed life-saving, easy to use and highly portable products to facilitate availability of Medical Grade Emergency Oxygen

O2Matic's Kyra is the world’s 1st self-contained intelligent mobile oxygen generator that generates and stores oxygen locally.

Key Features of Kyra

Highly Mobile & Easy to use

Smart Display with Alerts

Continuous Supply with 1000 litres storage

Replaceable Cartridges

  • Convert any Bed to an Oxygen BedKYRA is designed for Ease of Use and requires no setting up. Just Plug it in, Trigger the Cartridges and it Generates and Stores Oxygen.
  • Generate & Store Oxygen at Site -- Refill KYRA right at the convenience of your hospital or clinic or home with our easily available cartridges.  No more waiting for cylinders to arrive from refilling centers or sending them for refilling. Kyra can generate and store upto 1000 litres.
  • Minimal Power Required -- No more do you need to be dependent on continuous power availability for oxygen administration like a concentrator – Kyra requires minimal power to generate and compress 1000 litres in less than 60 mts
  • Consistent Purity @ High Flow Rates -- No more do you need to worry about oxygen purity at high flow rates – unlike a concentrator  - generate oxygen at consistent purity level of 99.7% through our patented cartridges
  • Highly mobile -- Move KYRA around your hospital / clinic / home as you need as it doesn’t need to be connected to power source for oxygen administration and needs power only during generation and storage
  • Uninterrupted Oxygen Administration – KYRA allows you to continuously and seamlessly administer oxygen to the patient on the fly even as you generate oxygen and store it
  • Ease of Use – KYRA is designed for Ease of Use and requires no setting up. Just Plug it in, Trigger the Cartridges and it Generates and Stores Oxygen.
  • Smart Display -- KYRA alerts you when the system is low on Oxygen – to start generating oxygen from its cartridges – KYRA alerts you when the Cartridges have to be replaced.
  • Intelligent Motor – KYRA’s motor is intelligent and conserves power and operates only when it detects oxygen being generated.
  • Emergency Deployment – Convert any bed to an Oxygen Bed, and ICU Bed or use KYRA for emergency surgeries at Field Hospitals, Small Clinics, Site Clinics or Remote Locations."

Product Specifications:

Capacity   1000 L
Purity    99.7% at all times
Hours @ 2LPM    8 hours of Oxygen
Flow control    0 to 15LPM Oxygen
Max Storage Tank Pressure    10 Bar
Delivery Pressure    1 Bar
Internal Transportation    Mobile with 4 castor wheels with ergonomic handle
Power Required    550 Watts
Voltage    230V
Frequency    50Hz
Display     4.3 Inch Display
Cartridges Included    10 Cartridges (Kyra Ships with 10 cartridges)
Cartridge Loading    4 Cartridges max per loading
Time to fill 1000L    60 minutes 

   Alarm to notify Low Oxygen Storage in Tank & 

   Alarm to notify Replacement of Cartridge during Tank filling

Who is this for?

KYRA can be used by healthcare professionals in numerous settings including:

  • Field hospitals, Emergency Wards, Site Clinics
  • District & Rural Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes & <50 bed hospitals
  • Military and defense
  • Rural settings that lack adequate medical infrastructure
  • Humanitarian aid and natural/un-natural disaster relief
  • In-home care

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